Why it is important to have a nanny resume

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Why it is important to have a nanny resume

Competing in the nanny industry against hundreds of nannies all wanting the same thing, a job, you need to stand out. Having a nanny resume, that is done correctly, will help you do just that and land the job.

Your resume is the first impression you are going to give to the family or agency you are applying with. How you format your resume, the details you add or don’t add, and the overall structure could make or break it in getting a job.

It is important to think about how the family or agency reads your resume. You want to show off your qualifications, education, skills, and experience. You also want to give a feel for you who are with giving a bio including why you like working in the nanny industry, a summary of your skills, hobbies, and something fun about you. When you are adding your experience, including how long you have worked for the family to show your commitment level. Also include the duties and tasks you performed, the location, and ages of the children when you started.

Parents can be nervous, especially when hiring someone to watch their children that they have never met. Listing your experience and qualifications can help put a parent’s mind at ease seeing how you have the experience and qualifications to keep their child safe and taken care of.

When creating your resume, show off your skills and qualifications. If you notice there might not be a lot of certifications or qualifications that you would like, there are a lot of courses you can take to continue learning. Families love to see a nanny that continues their training. 

Rather than submitting a regular document, providing a well-written and formatted resume shows that you are professional and taking it seriously. Being a nanny is not always just a job, it’s a career for many. It should be taken seriously as if it were any job.

Think about how you want to present yourself to families and agencies. How you want them to react when they see your resume. Let’s get your resume from something standard to one that will stand and out and help you land that job!